We are born part of nature and are constantly shaped by Her. Nature’s breath -taking beauty, ever changing to the cycle of seasons, is an unending store of delight. That is why, the residents of cities and towns compensate for their displacement from Natural environs by planting flowery saplings in their backyards; and balconies.
In Alibag, you will find yourself in the midst of nature. The evergreen orchards of coconut and betelnut, quiet and refreshing shores of silver sand, huge and old mansions (wadas) as living witnesses of history, structures with a touch of modern artistic architecture, fisher-folk going about their business in the creeks and in the sea in their traditional gear and dresses, multiple locations as photographer’s delight- all these experiences is what make alibag a tourist’s delight.

To add to the lustre, you will get clean, fresh local vegetable, exotic flower, tubers, Nature’s delicacies like palm fruit (Tadgola), local beans called ‘Waal’ which have a peculiar and unmistakable flavour, fresh white onions, local and mouth-watering sweet called ‘Naralipaak’ , watermelon- all these special gifts of nature are yours to take home.
Tourists will relish the rides in bullock and hores-carts for a delightful change and their races on clean beachfronts in March-April will be a treat of local skill and adventrue.
An urban tourist’s senses will experience a pure delight in the form of chirping of birds in the orchards, haunting fragrance of flowers and ftuits at morning walk on tree lined pathways, the overwhelming and trance-fixing consisteney of sound of waves, flourish of ever-changing colours on the vast backdrop of horizon which becomes one with the sea and clean air. All these heavenly delights are yours for free! It is for these delights, that visit to Alibag is an unforgettable experience for scores of domestic and overseas tourists!